Beauty Review: Ultraluxe is ultra luxe

Usually, with a trial size of a beauty product, you really can't get a good read on a line. You honestly have to use it for several weeks to get a good sense on whether it works or not, the changes it made on your skin, and whether you'd purchase it again. But that's not the case with the Ultraluxe line that I recently sampled. This stuff works—literally—on first use. 

As a beauty blogger who has acne-prone skin, I usually can't sample many products and write about them. I have to pass them off to fellow writers at The Penny Rose to review a line. But when Ultraluxe crossed my desk, I was intrigued. The powerhouse brand has a signature line that's created just for acne-prone and sensitive skin, and it's not one of those harsh lines that will strip your skin and leave it raw. This is a line that works. 

I sampled a bunch of the line's favorites including its Mud Lavender Wash, Deep Pore Clarifying Serum, Omega-3 Repair Complex, and Hydrasoft Lotion (among others). These were four of my favorites.

First up was the wash which left my skin soft and refreshed, not tight and dry like many acne washes do. The Deep Pore Clarifying Serum is said to diminish breakouts and oiliness and leave skin with a "healthy complexion." It did exactly that. The Omega-3 Repair Complex was one of my favorites. Usually, acne-prone skin types are urged to never use oils on their skin because of breakout concerns, but this oil puts those ideas to rest. Made exclusively for oily/acneic skin, this oil refreshed and hydrated my skin and actually made it look and feel clear. Finally, the Hydrasoft Lotion did just that: it left my often bumpy, ruddy skin with a soft texture. And no zits. Ever. 

Bottom line: I can't recommend this line enough. Learn more at