Beauty Report: Kai Candle

In my ongoing love affair with kai fragrance, I've been trying as many items from the gardenia-infused line as I can. So far, I've discovered the Fragrance Oil (my go-to "it" perfume). I've taken a bubble bath, and lathered up with the line's lotion. Each piece of the line that I've tried out has wowed me and I was hoping the same would happen with the Skylight Candle. I'm not disappointed. The sky's the limit, here, with this subtly scented, long-lasting, all-natural, unforgettable candle. It, like the rest of the line, has a fragrance that reminds you of the tropics, or that gardenia tree you once walked by. It's an unforgettable scent, but one that's delicate and understated. Now, my whole house can smell like kai. No wonder it's become a favorite among celebrities and editors. Learn more at